Does your service provide health, social or educational support to adults or children with learning disabilities? If so, read further!

Do you employ clinical psychologists, psychological therapists or PBS practitioners?

Clinical Psychology Training Programmes in the South East region are looking to expand the range of placements Trainee Clinical Psychologists work in.  Trainee Clinical Psychologists are employed by NHS Trusts as NHS Band 6 clinicians and work across a range of clinical and social services.  Trainee placements are 3 days per week for a duration of 6 months.   If your service employs or has access to clinical psychologists, other psychological therapists or PBS practitioners who could supervise and oversee the work of our trainees, our trainees can in return provide the following.

  • Hold a client caseload
  • Provide psychological assessment and intervention including direct 1-1 psychological therapy or groupwork
  • Provide indirect psychological work with wider networks, staff teams and families
  • Provide training/teaching
  • Contribute to service development and audit projects

Services offering trainee placements are eligible to receive access to supervisor training and CPD, as well as resources to support the placement.

If you are interested and think that your service can meet either some or all of these requirements, please get in touch to discuss as there may be opportunities for more flexible arrangements.  We would love to hear from you!  For further information around placement parameters and an information discussion, please contact:

Dr Nicola Lane, Learning Disabilities Lead at the Oxford Institute for Clinical Psychology Training and Research at


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