New Learning Disability Training Fills a Gap for the Eye Care Sector

Cardiff University and SeeAbility launch a free training module aimed at improving eyecare services for people with learning disabilities

Marek Karas optometrist at SeeAbility introduces this new resource below:

People with learning disabilities are much more likely to have eye and vision problems than members of the general population, but they find accessing eye care more difficult because of a range of barriers, including a lack of confidence among clinicians on how to adapt their practice to meet the needs of this high-risk patient group.

There is excellent work going on to ensure that everyone in health and care is much more aware of how they can adjust their practice and work with people with learning disabilities and autism to get the best support, but with developments in community eye care, including a new eye care service rolling out in special schools, a new training package is now available.

It is aimed at anyone working in an eyecare setting, with general interest sections that will be of interest to a non-clinical audience too.

This online training package contains interactive material compiled by people with learning disabilities and eye care professionals with many years of experience in the field. It provides an insight into how disability and learning disability is defined, how practice can be adapted and how barriers to service provision, both clinical and non-clinical, can be overcome.

The course includes these six sections:

An introduction to learning disabilities  General interest
Making services accessible for people with a learning disability  General interest
Prevalence of eye problems in people with a learning disability  Clinical
Adapting the optometric assessment for people with a learning disability  Clinical
Adapting dispensing practice when working with people with a learning disability  Clinical
Reporting and referring.General interest

To access the course or find out more information please email:

Developed with the support of NHS England and Improvement, Association of British Dispensing Opticians, LOCSU


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