Project Choice: a specialist Post-16 College providing work experience & Supported Internship for young adults with learning difficulties, disabilities and/or Autism

Can you help us bring this amazing work to the South East?

What is it all about?

Project Choice is a Specialist Post-16 College providing work experience as well as a supported internship programme that helps young adults between the ages of 16-24 with disabilities, learning disabilities, difficulties and/or Autism gain work experience and improve employability and independence skills. The College is NHS-based within Health Education England.

It aims to empower Interns and build their confidence as individuals within the workplace, while also offering life experience beyond their home and school environments.

How does this happen?

Through the Internship, 16-24 year olds gain work experience, develop independence skills and increase their employability.

The service Project Choice provides is bespoke, offering tailored support to each Intern, and employment opportunities are matched to the individual’s skills. It also matches work placements to each individual’s skills and offers training to employers to ensure that they are aware of, and able to fully support the Interns.

Project Choice is publicly funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and local authority commissioners so there is no cost to join. Completion rates are exceptional, with many Interns going on to secure paid employment once their internship is complete. Project Choice has consistently won awards for outstanding practice and commitment to workplace inclusion and diversity.

See details below or click here to download the Project Choice Brochure with full details

Hear from students and interns

Project Choice,

If you are a local school, a NHS organisation or an independent sector or private business based in the South East and would like to know more about how to become involved in this work, please contact:

Lindsay McCafferty, Project Choice Regional Manager – London & South East of England


Become a programme stakeholder

The Health Education England Intellectual Disability workforce programme working across the South East is really excited to be working with the Project Choice team to support this amazing work to come to the region. If you would like to receive updates and news on any programme developments please consider becoming a stakeholder and receive a weekly update summary click here to become a stakeholder


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