Intellectual Disability Workforce Programme Board


Intellectual Disabilities programme was established in 2015, following a scoping project concerning workforce development for people with intellectual disabilities.

The long term aim of this project was and remains “to create a sustainable and secure workforce supply, for people that have intellectual disabilities, who require support from and / or access services”.

In March 2015 a report of the scoping project was published, and it was agreed within HEE working at the time across Kent, Surrey & Sussex (and now the south of England and London) to move this work forward which required the development of the existing governance structure. This lead to the setting up of a Intellectual disabilities programme board. Details of which can be located in the terms of reference below.

To download a copy of the most current version of the ToR click on the following link:

A record of the approved minutes from the above board meetings can be downloaded from the below links: