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Health Education England, Intellectual Disability workforce programme working across the South of England (& London) aim to keep stakeholder updated with a monthly blog see below links to previously archived posts:

BLOG13 – 24/06/19 – Are we really being ambitious enough? #AmbitiousLD

BLOG12 – 30/05/19 – How much bad news is needed before change really happens?

BLOG11 – 29/04/19 – Co-facilitation with people that have a lived experience …………….why?

BLOG10 – 28/02/19 – Men make up a smaller % of the #IDworkforce and are more likely to be manager……… Why? 

BLOG09 – 17/01/19 – “I don’t believe it!”

BLOG08 – 21/12/18 – A letter to Santa by Scott Watkin

BLOG07 – 09/11/18 – When will there be good news? 

BLOG06 – 16/10/18 – The rise of the ambassador: What have we done……..?

BLOG05 – 04/09/18 – Fewer Learning Disability nurses: What might this mean?

BLOG04 – 02/08/18 – “School’s out for summer” Alice Cooper (1972) 

BLOG03 – 03/07/18 – Do we need to do more or should we just get better at sharing what we have first? 

BLOG02 – 01/06/18 – Is workforce one of the answers to reducing premature death

BLOG01 – 01/05/18 – A workforce; with the right numbers and skills, is everyone’s RIGHT!