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Delivering Different News to families by healthcare professionals

The Institute of Health Visiting (iHV) completed a workforce transformation project, supported by the ID Programme, looking at how healthcare professionals imparted different news to parents around an unborn or new born child. This work, which included a training intervention, was extremely well received. All the information around it, including the reports and project materials produced, can be found here.

It was designed to be a relatively small pilot project and one of the most important things it did was to evidence that this training was needed. As a result the iHV agreed to undertake more work around this to further develop the robustness of the project and to test the sustainability of the recommended intervention across a larger workforce. This work has happened and all the tools, evaluation and best practice guidance is going to be made available on this website very soon.

In the meantime, the iHV is hosting a free webinar during which they will share research findings on different approached to delivering different news which equip healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge required to ensure that parents are supported with care, compassion and sensitivity when the need it most.

Either click here to download the flier or on the document to find out more about this innovative work, and book onto the webinar.


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