Sharing best practice – join us in an online workshop on Wednesday 9th March 1 – 3 pm

The National Development Team for Inclusion were asked by the ID programme to find and share best practice in training people who work in NHS Trusts across the whole of the South to support people with learning disabilities. The project has been going for a while already and we have gathered evidence in a range of ways:

  • Literature review
  • Surveys and interviews with training staff and hospital staff
  • A Delphi Study with experts
  • Focus groups and interviews specifically exploring involving people with lived experience in delivering the training

You can find out more about each of the stages of work and look at the related outputs here. Through this work it has become increasingly clear that as well as thinking about the content and format that makes good training, it is also essential to consider system changes that are needed in order that staff can implement what they have learnt and ultimately improve the care and support that people with learning disabilities receive. We have gathered suggestions about what changes might help and we now want to speak to people in strategic leadership roles who can make system and process changes a reality and help us consider what the recommendations would be. We think this is particularly important in view of the planned roll out of the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training in Learning Disability and Autism.

If you are someone working in a NHS Trust across the South in a leadership role, we would be delighted if you could join us for an online session on Wednesday 9th March 1-3 pm. We will share our findings so far and seek your input to our final recommendations, which will be freely available to everyone. Please let us know by emailing one of us below if you are able to join and we will send you an invitation. Please also feel free to pass this link onto colleagues whom you think might also be interested, or to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Thank you for your help and support in this important work.

Anna Marriott, Research and Evaluation Programme Lead,

Madeline Cooper, Programme Lead, Equal Lives,


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