From UNKNOWN to TOP 100 in only one decade. What will be ………|BLOG14

Have you heard the newest member of the South Intellectual Disability workforce programme here at Health Education England has only gone got him self recognised by the Shaw Trust as:

“One of the UK’s top 100 influencers with disability in 2019”

You may have spotted earlier this month Health Education England where really excited to share this news with the world via the HEE website click here to read the full story.

As a programme we wanted to take this opportunity to also

Image result for congratulate


Scott on behalf of the all our stakeholders, our board and programme team and to quote what was said on the link above:

“Scott’s influence, knowledge and reputation has helped bring the work of the programme as well as of HEE to the attention of a wide range of stakeholders including experts by experience and their families and loved ones, policy and decision makers and care providers.”

(HEE, 2019)

With that in mind Scott and the team thought it may be useful to use this blog to remind you about the many projects the the programme has been able to lead on and all the resources that are available to you at no cost to help develop your workforce. The current resources cover a range of subjects click on a link to find out more:

We also wanted to draw your attention to projects that are currently in progress in an effort to reduce duplication and silo working. The themes cover children and young peoplehealth navigationmental healthobesitypositive behavioural supportrecovery collegessimulationtransition and vision. If you want to find out more about a particular project, or make contact with a project teams just go to our programmes “updates”  page by clicking here.

So we have told you what we have done and are doing all that’s left to tell you is about how to get involved (become a stakeholder) and why. Our stakeholders get a say in what we do and how we do it and in return we keep them updated via a weekly update email its as simple as that.

We cant claim to take a whole workforce approach without the support of the whole workforce

If you want to become a stakeholder and get weekly email updates click here. If you want to get in touch to tell us what you think about this blog or any other related matters email us at . If email is just not your thing you can also contacts on twitter @HEE_SouthID using the hash tag #SouthID, or via Linkedin


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