@WeLDNurses Internship opportunity #WeLDNs

Hi all,

At last week’s celebrations in Birmingham, the WeLDNurses team launched the fifth annual Internship to our team. 

Open to a Learning/Intellectual Disability Nursing Student from UK or Ireland, and we could do with your help spreading the message and identifying bright creative minds to apply.

Enabling the digital professionals of the future is a key role for the WeLDNurses team, and we know that not only are we #bettertogether but we can also #shoutlouder. 

Details for the Internship can be found on the WeCommunities blog, by clicking http://www.wecommunities.org/blogs/3468, which contains a Vlog by our new full team member Paula Richardson and  #STNA Nominee Ian Unitt.

We’d appreciate it if you could share this email with your students, and ask them to make contact if they’d like to know more. 

The closing date for this is Friday 31st May. 


Daniel, Flo, Paula, Ross, Sally & Sam


email ldnurse12@gmail.com

Twitter @WeLDnurses

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WeLDNurses/

web http://www.wecommunities.org/tweet-chats/chat-archive

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