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July 2018; a month of heatwaves, the start of holidays for many and a time of year I just love. I was listening to the radio recently and an Alice Cooper track came on from 1972-titled “Schools out” music for me normally is something to have on in the background while I do other things I do not really pay attention. However, for some reason on this occasion I found myself listening to the lyrics and asking myself the question what about the people that don’t get a summer break, that may have never of had a holiday. People like Tony, a man that was discussed in a blog titled “16 years” via the #7daysofaction campaign on the 30th of June 2017.

It tells of a man who has missed out on 16 years of his life and life events such as holidays, relationships, parenthood, friendships, jobs, education and countless other things we all take for granted.

I suppose what struck me most was how unfair life really can be for people with a learning disability and or autism including their family and friends. It has been just over a year since I read that story, I really hope Tony, and all the other people that find themselves in Tony’s situation are now living a life that provides them with the same choices, freedom and rights enjoyed by us all. I really do hope:

“School’s out forever
School’s out for summer
School’s out with fever
School’s out completely”

July has seen some important national debate on the subject of transforming care and if you missed it, you can read the verbatim transcript here https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2018-07-05/debates/D4C35A2E-4547-4200-BE02-D03A32309365/TransformingCareProgramme . It is very wordy as you might expect but great to hear the push for the development a more sustainable model of care and support that takes into account the needs of the whole workforce.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the intellectual disability workforce programme team to wish all our stakeholders, families, and people with lived experience and there family and friends, a great summer holiday whatever you may be up to.

To Tony one year on from your story, I really hope that you now have a workforce and a home that will let you start living and enjoying your life as well.

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Don’t forget we want to make communicating with us and you as easy as possible to either share information with us or for us to share with you. To that end, here is a quick reminder of the current ways we are using to share and communicate the information on this blog:

We have a dedicated programme email account:


We have a very active twitter feed just use the hash tag #SouthID when you want to share with us:


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More recently, our stakeholder have setup an Instagram account to capture images from events the programme are involved with:


So get in touch and tell us what you are doing and help us share your workforce work


SAVE THE DATE : 7th of November the LAUNCH of Greater London Learning Disability Community of Practice 🚀

Following a series of consultation events earlier on this year click link to see the event findings https://idhekss.wordpress.com/reports/id-hee-project-reports/#5  I am really pleased to tell you that Health Education England have been able to fund BILD, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities to help London to develop and sustain its own Learning Disability Community of Practice.

Link to 2018’s Kent, Surrey and Sussex LD CoP film from the day https://vimeo.com/277263727

The aim of the community is to provide a place for all that have a shared interest in the eradication of health inequality whoever they might be to share learning and knowledge with one another i.e. sharing what we have and reducing silo working for everyone

BILD have just posted a save the date I have put the details on our programme web blog https://idhekss.wordpress.com/2018/08/01/save-the-date-greater-london-learning-disability-community-of-practice-%F0%9F%9A%80/  and more details with regards to 1) the agenda and celebrity speakers 2) how to become involved 3) how to book a stand 4) how to apply to run a workshop and much more will all be shared via their website all details again are on the above link.

Please can you share this information with everyone i.e. all your networks, your colleagues, family members, friend, student, education colleagues, providers from every sector, people and their friends with lived experiences, the young and not so young, health & care workforce, every other workforce I really do mean anyone and everyone who wants to make a difference by learning and sharing.

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If you want to become a programme, stakeholder and get weekly email updates click here and if you want to get in touch to tell us what you, think about this blog or any other related matters contact us at SouthID@hee.nhs.uk


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