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Across health and care, we individually spend 1000’s of hours every year not just dedicating time to the care and support of others, but also to the development of new or more effective and ethical ways of supporting people to live a good life. This may happen via formal routes such as research, commissioned projects and national, regional or local endeavours, which in some cases then lead to the development of the way we support each other.

This cannot be the only way can it?……………No of course not

Every member of any societal groups are learning and developing all the time, the health and care workforce (this group includes everyone e.g. people with lived experience and their families and friend) are no different. I have been quoted as saying a few times this month that I think

a key part to a sustainable workforce is not just the development of new ways of working, but also the “eradication of wheel industries”.

This does not mean scrapping your beloved tire manufacturers; quite the opposite – it means when we have found something that works, we should give each other permission to share transparently.

Clearly, this is a very simplistic perspective and we need rules and systems that validate practice and tell us what good looks like as well.

This month has shown me we also need to give permission to share what we all do more frequently. I am not talking about permission that just authorises, but something more fundamental – a permission that empowers us to share. Why do I think this? Well when we empower we have evidence it works really well. Take June 2018 for example, which saw national #LDweek18 during which the amount of learning, innovation, collaboration that was being shared at all levels was just amazing and will be life changing.

What would be the impact if this kind of permission existed all the time? I don’t have an answer but what if the kind of sharing that took place during #LDWeek18 was just work as usual?


June 2018 has been an amazing month with far too much learning to share with you in a short blog but here are just a few of our highlights (follow our twitter, Instagram feeds to see more):

Monday 4th June was the VODG sector event: in conversation with Sir David Behan who is Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission:

What a candid and clear take home message for us all “a happy workforce, will lead to in many cases happy customers”

Thursday 7th June was the Florence Nightingale Foundation Annual Conference


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

it was great to hear Chief nursing officers from both Ireland and Wales discussing the challenges they had faced specifically with learning disability nursing and how embracing a whole workforce approach was already really starting to have positive impacts of care and support.

Thursday 21st June was the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Learning Disability Community of Practice Annual conference find out more at

Friday 22nd June Medway NHS Foundation Trusts first ever Learning Disability Conference for not just for learning disability champions on the wards but for any staff or family members who wanted to either come and learn or share

Monday 25th June I had the opportunity to share the work of the programme stakeholders at the International Care Ethics Observatory board members click the image below to watch the prezi


business city clock construction

Throughout the month, we have also been travelling around the south of England meeting with other Health Education England local offices to find out what they are doing and find out how we can work together to share across the whole region.

A big thank you to HEE Thames Valley for hosting us first, followed by HEE South West England and last but no means least HEE Wessex.

What we are going to do over the coming months is to share any work that has been supported in these regions via this web blog so that we all have access to the learning.

We are following the visits up with an options paper that for the HEE South region executive board summing up the work to date that has taken place and sharing potential options for future development based around the needs of the programme stakeholders.

person gather hand and foot in center

If you want to become a programme, stakeholder and get weekly email updates click here and if you want to get in touch to tell us what you think about this blog or any other related matters contact us at






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