Photo’s, pledges & slides from #StudentVoiceKSS “a workshop to challenge perceptions”


Friday the 25th of May saw the 4th annual conference of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex “Sound of the Student and Trainee Voice” which is an opportunity for students and trainees alike from across geographies to network with other students and to give feedback on their experience as a learner. There were key note lectures along with workshops on Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities, Catheter care and Primary care.

Check out the agenda for the day below:

Intellectual Disabilities Workshop

The Intellectual Disability programme chose to run an interactive workshop led by expert consultant Scott Watkin BEM click on the image below to view the slides from the session:


The workshop ran two 40 minute sessions with attendees from a range of practices and specialities attending e.g. medicine, Adult nursing, mental health nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, Darzi fellows and many more . To capture not just what people thought but more importantly what they would now do differently as a result of this experience see the attendees pledge below and twitter discussions #SouthID:

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