OUT NOW: South region #IDWorkforce data for NHS (2018) & Non-NHS (2017) #SouthID


Back in January 2017 Skills for Care completed an analysis of the National Minimum Data set for social care on behalf of Health Education England .The data was for the adult social care workforce supporting people with learning disabilities and/or autism across the whole of the South of England.

In February of this year colleagues from the Strategic Workforce Planners team here at Health Education England started to pull together a similar data set for NHS employed staff working across the same regional foot print and a similar workforce. We have used the word “similar” as the data does not identify which group the NHS providers are commissioned to work with i.e. the adult workforce or the child workforce. This is the first time that this regional data has been pulled together in this way.


The following headlines are based on estimates and extrapolation after combining some key data points and serve to paint a “broad strokes” picture of the current #IDWorkforce across the region.


  • There is a total estimated known #IDworkforce of 125,779 people working across the south of England. Of these, 98.6% are employed outside of the NHS but may still be funded by the NHS
  • Local Authority employ an estimated 10% with the independent sector a further 88.6%. It is important to note here that the private, and charitable sectors data was not available
  • An estimated 96% of the #IDWorkforce are non-regulated e.g. direct care, managers etc.
  • An estimated 22% of the total #IDWorkforce are aged 55 and over
  • Across the NHS employed #IDWorkforce between Jan – Dec 17 473.8 staff left the service and 366.1 joined
  • For a similar 12 month period across the non-NHS employed staff 62,196 staff left but a further 63,125 joined

These are just some of the headlines from the most recent data that has been made available to the region. The newly acquired data is available for you to downloaded here and all data that we have previously collected is also available on our “L&S Workforce data & Maps” page.

The Intellectual Disability Programme working across London and the South will be using this information to help form workforce priorities moving forward.

If you want to get regular updates from the programme or become involved in some of the discussions that we are having, click here to join our weekly email update or feel free to contact us via:

Twitter: @HEE_LKSSID

Email: SouthID@hee.nhs.uk


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