Findings of the #IDHEKSS Staff Recruitment & Retention Coaching Program by Heike Guilford OUT NOW

heike R

“A manager filling all of his vacancies and saving an estimated £30,000 in agency costs. HR professionals revamping recruitment days and involving existing staff and experts by experience in the process. Colleagues working with staff to build a network strategy online and offline. Just some of the the brilliant results from the #IDHEKSS staff recruitment and retention programme”

My name is Heike Guildford. I am a qualified RNLD, coach and bestselling author of ‘How To Fill 50 Jobs In 90 Days’.

I was over the moon when my proposal to deliver a staff recruitment and retention programme got accepted by Health Education England Kent, Surrey and Sussex. I quickly learned from course participants that many services are struggling to attract the right people with the right skills. It became clear that HR and healthcare professionals were really looking for a roadmap to recruit and retain staff without breaking the bank. I am very happy to share with you the results and the full report of the programme here:

“The KSS local office has an Intellectual Disabilities programme. It was through this that an offer of support was made to stakeholders, asking them to put forward proposals for pilot projects that would support the education and training of the workforce. The proposal from The Coaching Nurse was accepted, and this work is the result of it. The Coaching Nurse Nurse has produced two freely available reports since the project has been completed, a full version and an easy read version, and has also given a poster presentation at the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Learning Disability Community of Practice. The Id programme at HEE KSS is moving forwards into its third year and will be ensuring that all projects that the local office has been able to support, including this one, continue to be disseminated amongst stakeholders and other interested parties.”

Rhona Westrip (Intellectual Disabilities  Programme Manager, HEEKSS)

If you want to find out more about the programme please contact:

Rhona Westrip

Programme Manager Intellectual Disabilities
Health Education England working across Kent, Surrey and Sussex


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