LD Workforce figures 2013 (Non NHS in KSS)

Skills for care have completed an analysis of the data held on the NMDS-SC on behalf of HEKSS for the stakeholder of the ID Workforce Project detailed on this site. The data contained within this report relates to the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Health Education area for none NHS settings.

 “The analysis in this report contains information received from establishments that provide care and support to service users with learning disabilities; however an establishment can offer care and support to more than one type of service user. These establishments may not offer learning disabilities exclusively and therefore nurses at these establishments are likely to care for a range of service users, not exclusively for people with learning disabilities.”


  • An estimated 800 registered nurses work in Learning Disability settings across Kent, Surrey and Sussex in none NHS settings
  • West Sussex appears to have the largest number of registered nurses working in Learning Disability settings outside of the NHS
  • The private sector appears to be the largest employer of the nursing with an 80% share of the workforce. 
  • The largest group of employers are care homes that have nurses 52%
  • 23% of services were for older people

Click to download data

The employment data for the NHS across the same area should be available for upload soon 


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